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It’s a flower buddin’

It amazes me how much space and environment influence my mood and productivity. I am very grateful my mom has given me a place to stay but I feel so disorganized and NOT AT HOME that it really is beginning … Continue reading

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A Catch Up

These days I am flying solo. I have neglected writing through all of this–I did buy a sketch book that I have documented in frequently with some writing but most times these days I just kind of muse. Just kind … Continue reading

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Day 7 Writing Challenge–The Discovery Of Writing

This post is a day late–I didn’t feel like writing yesterday because I was in a “knit all day” kinda mood. I’m getting ready for a craft show in a month but before I can get to knitting doggy sweaters, … Continue reading

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Inkle Weaving, Books and Bookstores

The weather was pretty today. Kinda warm but not enough to complain about. Perfect was about ten degrees cooler to give you the idea. I picked up from a bust in regards to a search for weaving yarn and headed on in … Continue reading

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