Been a While

Well, it’s been a pretty good long time since I have posted. There is a lot changing. We are gonna try to move home and make it. Both of us working and me finishing school. Maybe move to Austin eventually. I am happy because after living on the road for 7 years, living near family just sounds better than most anything. 

I guess I am getting old.

Or more sentimental. If that is possible.

My dad is living in hattisburg,ms and he has pissed off some “gangsters” except he calls them something I don’t feel comfortable repeating. He says they are threatening to kill him, he says they keep robbing him–I don’t know how much he tells me is true but I do know that the dates he claims they visited the police are confirming they sent officers to my dad’s address. 

My husband is getting laid off from his job that has required us to travel. It’s what his job calls a temporary lay off but it has become so unpredictable that we are going to take our chances finding a new line of work. We have decided to move to Dallas,TX which is where we both have family. We have literally thought about living in about 5 different places but home is where the heart is apparently and I think that is where I would feel the most comfortable pretty much, starting over.

As it turns out, my dad is “fleeing” to Dallas to escape the so called “gangsters”. We honestly don’t have money to help him although I have to say there is a part of me that really does wish we could but his plan is to move to Dallas and stay at the homeless shelter. How I am gonna be able to explain that he can’t live in our house is going to be really tricky. 


About lilmommacass

I worry about the environment. I cloud gaze often. I dream of the sea. Doodler. Waitress. Nomad of sorts. River swimmer. I have a small westie named Lulu that I sleep with like a stuffed animal. And maybe one day they will say, "and who was she really anyway?"
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