“Mexican Macaroni” (Fideo) Recipe

I remember a few of people wanting me to post my fideo recipe or what I grew up calling mexican macaroni. It’s been a few weeks but I am getting around to it now. I think about posting it everytime I make it and it actually makes me feel kind of lazy because I haven’t done it yet. But alas, here it is!

Everyone makes it different, but it’s just four basic ingredients for me–cumin, noodles,1  small can of  tomato sauce and salt. oh and water! I like my noodles really brown with a few burnt–

so what you do is buy the fideo noodles that are in the cultural part of the grocery store. They have different types, there are the macaroni style noodles, the small broken pieces of thin pasta and a couple of other kind I think but the two I describe are the kind I like to buy. They are super cheap–usually less than a dollar a bag.

When you ready to make the fideo you get a skillet hot with nothing in it–no oil no nada and you brown the noodles. Do this to you liking–some people don’t even do this part but in my opinion it is the secret. Just experiment with a batch of brown noodles vs. non-browned and make your decision.

Then when the noodles are the color you like, I add a lil bit of water that is usally evaporated right up, then I gradually add more water. I don’t know why Lupe told me to do it this way but this is the way I was taught. While the water is coming to a boil add cumin and salt to the water. I boil my noodles for a while because I don’t like a lot of water. When the noodles are pretty much all the way done (there should still be some water) add a can of tomato sauce and I add more cumin at this point and sometimes black pepper depending on my mood. I let that simmer till the sauce gets kinda thick…you will be able to tell the difference and then it’s ready to eat.

Cheap+Delicious=can’t beat that

you can brown onions or put diced tomatoes in it–i just like the noodles. and if you have fresh cumin seeds that you grind it is really amazing instead of just using cumin powder. well, I hope you guys let me know how you like it if you make it!


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