Lulatrooper–My Amazing Dog

I haven’t been able to write this week due to a family emergency.

My lil doggie, Lulu has put my husband and I through a lot this week. On Tuesday, she ate some fabric of mine that I use for sewing however, I did not know this at first. She ate 2 straps that I had cut for a purse and  her body had begun to digest them when we finally took her to the vet. It started about 2 o’clock Tuesday afternoon. She began acting very odd, eating leaves and dirt very frantically as if her life depended on it. I knew something was wrong but google didn’t bring up anything definite so I just kept a close eye on her. She is prone to a sensitive stomach so I thought she might have just ate to much dog food or something because I had just fed her at 1:00. I gave her olive oil in case something was stuck in her throat around 3:30 and at about 7:30 she began vomiting. At 9:00 she was still vomiting and we knew we were going to have to take her to the vet. We had about 100 dollars to get us through the week so something expensive like an emergency visit to the vet was not expected. But as we were coming to the conclusion that she had to go whether we could afford it or not, she threw up a long piece of fabric that I recognized right away from my purse I was making. Poor thing couldn’t get it up all the way so she had about a foot hanging out and the rest felt secured in her tummy or wrapped around something. We ran to the car with Lulu choking, my husband didn’t even put his shoes on. We live 30 minutes from the ER vet. As soon as we got in the car we realized the fabric had disappeared and we didn’t know if she had swallowed it again or if she was able to get it out.

At the ER we paid for x-rays that revealed Lulu had something bunching her small intestines and her gas pattern was abnormal. The vet told us that she needed surgery right away before the fabric sliced her intestines and made her very sick or worse. The estimate was $2,794. We asked if there was any payment plan available and were told all money was due before the procedure or they would not operate.

It was now 11:00 pacific time. All of our family was in bed back in central time zone and we couldn’t get a hold of anyone. We took Lulu home and applied for care credit on our computer but were denied. We called other ER vets and explained that we had thousands of check stubs to prove finances but it wasn’t good enough. We ended up taking her to another vet for a second opinion. We had her x-rays faxed over and were told the same thing. We were quoted $6,489 for the procedure at this vet. It was now 2:00 am and Lulu was becoming very quiet. We managed to get a hold of my mother who gave us her credit card number and told us to get whatever we needed done so we took her back to the first vet. This vet wouldn’t accept my mother’s credit card without her there in person so she had to get out of bed early and get on the computer to make the payment online at their website. The whole time Lulu was laying there shaking. At 4:00am the payment went through and they hooked Lulu up to fluids to prep for surgery and we were told to go home.

The next morning we woke up and discovered the piece of fabric that had been hanging out of her mouth. It was laying slightly underneath our car so in the dark so we didn’t see it the night before. I called the vet to see how she was doing with a sick feeling that we had paid almost $3,000 for nothing. However, the vet told me that they also found a very long piece of fabric and that we made the right call. I asked to see the fabric because I was having a hard time imagining her eating 2 pieces. But, sure enough she did in fact eat 2 pieces of fabric and the vet managed to remove it with only one incision.

He sent her home with some tramadol and pepcid. It became clear in a about an hour of getting home that she was either really drugged or something was really wrong with her. She would not drink water or eat and she laid there on her little bed I had made her shaking. I called a different vet with great reviews online and was told to baby her through the night and bring her first thing in the morning. The next morning we loaded up and went to the new vet. He kept her all day and ran blood work on her that revealed she had developed an infection. Why she wasn’t prescribed an antibiotic from the first vet was because it was termed “a sterile” procedure. How can it be sterile if you are cutting into intestines that contain toxic fluid that can leak out?!?!? So anyways, Dr.Hackett gave her fluids, an antibiotic and a steroid to reduce inflammation and this morning we woke up to Lulu asking to go potty. She ate her breakfast and walked around the house really slowly which is a huge step in the right direction. Her nick name was always LuChu but we have been calling her Lulatrooper these past few days because that little dog has fought and held on through thick and thin. It wasn’t till today that I could see she was going to be ok and even though we are so broke we can’t even afford coffee right now, I have one of my best friends still with me and my family needs her more than some silly cup of coffee. I feel that I have been to hell and back this week and am signing up for pet insurance which is super cheap and pays for a good bit of coverage. I learned a few lessons but the most important for me is how fragile life truly is.

I have lots of pictures of Lulu in earlier posts…I can’t get a picture to upload for some reason.


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I worry about the environment. I cloud gaze often. I dream of the sea. Doodler. Waitress. Nomad of sorts. River swimmer. I have a small westie named Lulu that I sleep with like a stuffed animal. And maybe one day they will say, "and who was she really anyway?"
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  1. Oh how awful! How could they do that, just send an animal home to die in agony? I’m so glad you were able to arrange to have her cared for, but what an ordeal! And all that money. I’d spend it too, but it’s gotta be hurting.

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