Day 5–Writing Challenge–Big Sister Meets Baby Brother

This is my effort at day 5 of the writing challenge I am participating in.

It was January 1990 and my granny was in town from her home out in the country in east Texas. My mother had been pregant for what seemed like an eternity for a five year old and the big day was finally here. This pregnancy had went a lot smoother for my mom, she was scheduled for a c-section for January 7th. My dad had chosen this date since it was the first day after deer hunting season was over and wouldn’t interfere with his hunting oppertunities. He really had his priorties straight.

But the day had come and I was estatic. I had been talking to my mom’s belly ever since we had first found out she was pregnant. I even knew he would be a boy before the ultrasound proved I was right.

I don’t remember the wait, I remember the way the hospital smelled and I had on a pink shirt that said “I’m the big sister.” I remember his arrival, when the doctors came to the waiting room and told my granny and I and the rest of the family that we could come see our new baby boy. Everyone held him and oohed and ahhed over the sweet little baby with the head full of peach fuzz. I didn’t get to hold him right away instead they placed him in some sort of crib and I leaned over singing “Mary had a little lamb to him.” He looked like an old man trapped in a little baby’s body but still there was something cute about him and I loved him right away.

When we all finally went home, I started doing some math. Was he actually older than me since he was born in January which came became before my birthday in August? Mom said no, I had a good 4 and 1/2 year lead on him and that made me happy because I wanted to be the big sister!

His name was Kenneth Michael but we would all call him Michael, a name that to this day has a special sweet place in my heart. I returned back to school and walked in the door of Ms.Verdun’s kindergarten class and very proudly announced to her that I had a baby brother now. Ms.Verden was impressed how quickly I adapted to the change in my home and bragged about me to my mom. I took my responsibilites as big sister very seriously (most of the time) and loved to help whenever I could. Every day I would wake up to see if he was talking yet. After about 2 weeks, I began to realize that it might be a really long time till he would talk and gave it a rest.

Michael was healthy and began growing like a weed like most babies do. I would get a little jealous when my mom would hold him and feed him while I got ready for school but it gave me a chance to dress myself and I was happy for that. I loved to wear clothes that didn’t match and never understood what my mom was talking about when she would tell me stripes did not go with polka dots.

The age of 5 held a lot of changes for me, obviously I had a baby brother born that year and I started kindergarten but it was also the year Jennifer moved away and Lupe quit watching me. 5 was what I would consider a major bump on my life map and although there were a lot of hard challenges to overcome, I remember that year being one of the greatest of my life. Sure, we were siblings and we would have plenty of fights later but my baby brother loved me dearly as I loved him as well.

There is a sweet video of Michael refusing to eat for mom, I enter the room singing at the top of my lungs (I was called the mouth of the house because I was always singing and very loud), his little baby eyes fixed on my every move and my mom says “Jess, see if you can get Michael  Man to eat.” I take the spoon and he opens right up and eats as if there was never any problem. There is another video of us in front of the house, I am pushing him in his stroller down the sidewalk just singing away while my mom focuses on us with the camera. Jennifer comes up on her bike and I abandon my brother there on the sidewalk. You hear my mom mumbeling behind the camera and slightly laughing but Michael never cried and he would have waited all day for me to come back just as happy as a jay bird but thankfully, mom is seen walking across the yard and retrieves him from his post.

When Michael’s hair came in, it was the neatest thing of all. We never thought that he would have curly hair but did he ever! It came in slowly, one little curl at a time. Eventually he had a head full of curls, they were spiral curls that would stick up straight on his head and it was adorable. His personality was calm and patient like my mom. He was and is one of the most easy going people out there. My family was poor when I was growing up and Michael was always my most prized possession. I would do anything for him to protect him–one time he had wandered in the road while we were playing and a car came speeding down out of nowhere. Never have my legs peddeled so hard on that little Huffy bike, several neighbors saw what was happening and there were a few that had begun running towards him–he was little, maybe 2 or 3 but I reached him first. I jumped off my bike while the peddels were still in cycle and I grabbed him. I was furious he didn’t listen to me when I told him to get out of the road, furious at myself because I was suppose to be watching him and scared so bad I was shaking. I sat there shaking and holding him on the side of the road till my arms felt like they were going to fall off.

Michael is 21 now but as those with baby brother’s know, he will always be baby brother to me. And to this day I run to his aid if he is ever in trouble no matter how far the drive and will for the rest of his life.


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I worry about the environment. I cloud gaze often. I dream of the sea. Doodler. Waitress. Nomad of sorts. River swimmer. I have a small westie named Lulu that I sleep with like a stuffed animal. And maybe one day they will say, "and who was she really anyway?"
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2 Responses to Day 5–Writing Challenge–Big Sister Meets Baby Brother

  1. What a sweet story about your baby brother and how much you love him. It’s wonderful when we have someone in our life that we love beyond understanding 🙂

  2. This is lovely. I know my brothers and sister are always there for me, as I am for them. You’ve said it so beautifully here.

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