Inkle Weaving, Books and Bookstores

The weather was pretty today. Kinda warm but not enough to complain about. Perfect was about ten degrees cooler to give you the idea. I picked up from a bust in regards to a search for weaving yarn and headed on in to San Diego in hopes of maybe finding a book on inkle weaving. What is an inkle loom you may ask? It is a loom used to make bands but it is capable of a lot more. I used one in high school in my fiber arts class and it was super fun. Here are some pictures of my inkle loom. I used a youtube video to figure out how to get the warp set up but I am still missing something.

In the picture above, the yarn you see on the loom is called the warp and then the lime green yarn on the shuttle is my weft.
And below you see the string heddles. I am showing the string heddles simply because I think it is kind of neat. You string half the yarns through a heddle and the other half not in a heddle and then you move the yarns up and down to make an opening called a shed that you pass the shuttle through.
That’s about all I know so far and I know it probably makes little to no sense. But when I figure everything out I am going to post a how to. Maybe. If anyone can lend me some help on inkle weaving or direct me to a tried and true resource, I would be very thankful. I’m tired of hunting at this point.

Let me tell you–books on inkle weaving are hard to find especially in sunny Southern California. There are guilds with weavers and “fiber fiestas” but a book on how to actually do it…good luck. And not that weaving is too terribly common these days anyways. So I wasn’t looking at barnes and noble–I was perusing used book stores. And wow did I really find the motherload. It’s called 5th Ave Books. Here is a pic of the bookmark they give you with the hours and directions…


And across the street is another smaller store but there was no ac and dim lighting in that bookstore and it is for this reason I can’t even remember the name of the actual store. But 5th Ave Books has a good– large-broad-(insert another adjective here that means big) selection of books. I found “The Rainbow Goblins” in the kids section and nearly wet my pants. This book has a lot of memories for me and is pretty hard to find. I have looked for a copy since I was 17 and finally ten years later I actually found it. Crazy huh.


And then there was the nudey book featuring Bettie Page for 20 dollars that I had to get because I have always wondered. I had always heard that she did a lot of S&M type pictures and movies but I had never seen any proof. But this is just a collection and not an actual reproduction of an original. It’s like the best of CD for your favorite classic rock band. With Bettie Page in the album art.


And for the record I found 3 weaving books–none of which were on inkle looms, but most stores didn’t even have a book on weaving at all. I don’t know why I’m hell bent on a book when I can just use the interwebs.

If you are ever in San Diego–I recommend the hillcrest area. It has all kinds of different types of restaurants like vietnemese, thai, indian and sushi places plus a lot more–there was even a restaurant that served food from the Kyhber Pass of Afganistan. It smelled good. Plus the vintage clothing and antique stores are always fun to look through.  And there really are some good used bookstores. And neat people to gawk at while people watching. 😮


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