Cookin’ from scratch is DELISH!

Sunday Funday—cleaned, made ribs with a killer homemade sauce and french fries with homemade ketchup!

Yesterday, I cleaned and reorganized the trailer because we have a very limited space so organization is key. In the past week, I have bought a huge kettle for canning, a big food processor, all the jars for canning and some lavender and rosemary plants that are being kept inside till it warms up. So yesterday I moved stuff around and actually created enough space to even get my printer back out and hooked up. I felt really productive. Usually I really loathe organizing and even cleaning but here these past few weeks, I have been really enjoying working on making my trailer look and smell good. Clutter is one of my pitfalls so I am really working on finding out of sight homes for things that normally occupy counter-space and my table.  

Anyways, I had some boneless pork ribs thawing out and decided to see if I could make a good BBQ sauce for them. I googled honey BBQ recipes and found this recipe which can be found here: . That is hands down the most yummy honey BBQ sauce I have ever tasted. I am from Texas and take my word I know good BBQ and bad BBQ for that matter. If you don’t like your sauce quite so sweet–just adjust how much brown sugar you add and maybe go easy on the amount of honey you use. The recipe called for ketchup, so I made that from scratch an hour before I made the sauce because the directions stated that it needs to sit for an hour for full flavor. It made a pretty good amount of ketchup, so I made french fries too. I found the recipe for the ketchup in my book “Little House in the Suburbs”.  So, my condiments made cheap pork ribs and homemade french fries taste like we were eating at a good resturaunt. I didn’t even grill the ribs because it was so windy, I cooked them in the oven and paired with that sauce, they were amazing!  I added a couple of my pickles to the meal and walah! Dinner was served!

Here is a picture of the ribs and fries pre-pickles:


Little house in the suburbs has a great website with so many great ideas, if you can’t get the book and are interested check out this link:




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I worry about the environment. I cloud gaze often. I dream of the sea. Doodler. Waitress. Nomad of sorts. River swimmer. I have a small westie named Lulu that I sleep with like a stuffed animal. And maybe one day they will say, "and who was she really anyway?"
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4 Responses to Cookin’ from scratch is DELISH!

  1. Looks so good! I love cooking from scratch and finding others that do too!!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Have a look at the Fly Lady – she has loads of ideas on decluttering that you might like. The book you are reading looks great – I am off to look at the website.

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