fiber sandwich

2 weeks ago we had ROC day here in Groton, SD–for those who don’t know, ROC day is the day that the weavers and spinners began their work again after the winter break. I am pretty sure this dates back to medieval times. Well, all us spinners and knitters got together, had an awesome potluck and all in all had a great time with each other. 12 or so of us particiapted in a fiber sandwich which is where you contribute some raw fiber–batts, web, roving, top of all different types (basically a fiber pot luck) and then you layer the different types of fiber like you would a sub sandwich. The thicker the better I say! Then each who participated got an equal amount which in our case was a 5 oz!
Here is what my portion looked like:
I left mine just the way I got it and spun it by pulling random chunks–I had some pretty wild looking yarn!!!

Some opted to card their sandwich. This is a shot of the sandwich after Marie put it through a drum carder
marie's carded fiber sandwich

Here is another carded into web. This is Kelly’s:
kelly's carded fiber sandwich

So each had a different method to the madness and each proved to make a beautiful yarn in it’s own right. Kelly, Marie and I all attended a second ROC day in North Dakota the following Sat. and spun our sandwiches. Upon the spinning, Kelly came up with the great idea that we take her more consistant sandwich yarn and ply it with my random chunks yarn. Thus creating this yarn:

That shot was before the yarn was blocked and now that it is blocked I am just to lazy to take another pic. You can easily see the colors in the yarn and that is what I really wanted to show. That is a digested fiber sandwich. So to speak.

Here are some pics of the ladies at the North Dakota ROC day–my camera battery was dead for the first ROC day!

We had a blast yet again and had yet again–a fabulous potluck!

Here is my Harvey with a closing comment:


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3 Responses to fiber sandwich

  1. Betty says:

    What beautiful yarn! And what a cozy Roc Day setting! Thanks for sharing!

  2. mildawg says:

    that is pretty much an amazing yarn.

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