Baking, knitting, BUTTONS

We are currently living in South Dakota. This is our first “real” winter seeing as how we are from Texas. Needless to say–we are feezing. So I have been trying to knit things to keep us warm. Hands seem to be whats giving my husband the most trouble so I thought I would make him felted mittens. Long story short–they didn’t look to good. I would share them but I have already cut them up to alter them into fingerless mittens. BLAH.
Another thing I have been doing to stay warm is baking. I made chocolate chip scones for breakfast using this recipe. I used heavy cream and they were so good. Not to mention easy. Check’em out:
What has really been taking up the most of my time is this never ending shawl:
I am really close to finishing it however I am not really liking the way it is looking. I am going to overdye it with blue to make the colors blend a little better. I am going to dye it in sections using the same bath so that the tip of the shawl will be dark purple (hopefully) and then it will gradually become lighter, ending in the color purple I am working right now. I don’t plan on dyeing this last section. Pics will be up soon of the finished product.
My husband hasn’t been able to work in the cold since he pours concrete. We went to a junk store today where I picked up this huge thing of buttons for $3.50!
I love me some buttons.


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I worry about the environment. I cloud gaze often. I dream of the sea. Doodler. Waitress. Nomad of sorts. River swimmer. I have a small westie named Lulu that I sleep with like a stuffed animal. And maybe one day they will say, "and who was she really anyway?"
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5 Responses to Baking, knitting, BUTTONS

  1. mildawg says:

    The scones look delicious! I love how you store your buttons 🙂 (or did you buy them that way?)

  2. Kathy says:

    I love your crocheted hats. Unfortunately, I cannot crochet. How are you coping with winter? I moved to Ohio from Texas in 1989 and I have to say, I enjoy the cold more than I did the heat. I DO miss Texas, once in awhile, though. Also – Smitten Kitchen is an awesome website! K

    • lilmommacass says:

      I think the cold is a different kind than in Texas–it has been ok so far. We got into the negatives but it really wasn’t that bad. My fingers get cold fast though and the wind feels like knives on my face. I miss Texas pretty bad though mainly bc of our family and the access to stores. There isn’t much by way of shopping in our part of South Dakota. Thanks for the comment on my crocheted hats!

  3. Adriene says:

    Those scones have got my tummy rumbling! Take heart about the cold – I grew up in Manitoba, just north of North Dakota, and while the cold is bitter and it seems like you can’t get out and do anything, there is always somewhere to go and people to welcome you! It’s the same where you are! 🙂

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